My Inter team

Ok, this is what I would do on transfer market.

First, I would sell next players: Burdisso for about €10m; Stankovic for €15m; Vieira for about €10m.

Then, I would send next players on loan: Rivas and Obinna.

Called from juniors and maybe send them on loan if…: Tremolada and Aimar Napoli.

Now, the time is for incomers, and they are: Aquafresca from loan; Sigliardi from loan; Quaresma from loan; Suazo from loan (if dont prove himself, sell for about €10m) and Ribery or Benzema for money I earn from players I sold. Of course, Moratti will give money for transfers too for next season, and there could be some young players like Ivanovic etc.

Tactic would be much more offensive then it’s now, but I think that Jose is also trying this to make.

Formation would then come, for example:

——————J. Cesar
———————ribery or benzema

Substitutions: Toldo, Materazzi, Santon, Sigliardi, Balotelli… it would of course change by the time, giving the chance also to others, specially the young players.

I hope something of that comes true.

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