Ferguson already found the solution

After they agree to sell Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone was thinking how will look new Man. UTD.

But, we have idea what will Fergi do. This is not for sure, so don’t hate us.

The most important thing is that they will look for a player like Chelsea and Liverpool have, Lampard and Gerrard.

So, they will change a little the style they’re playing, but they will be still strong.

On the top of Sir Alex list is the best assistant ever of Germain Bundesliga, Zvjezdan Misimovic (6 days ago, turn 27) from Wolfsburg (new champion).

He can play on left, but is more likely offensive midfielder, who can be brought for about €15-20m.

A lot of expert says that he has eyes on back, his pass is amaizing.

Ferguson sees in him a very important man on the field for new Manchester game.

39 thoughts on “Ferguson already found the solution”

  1. please sell berba and buy a good striker like aguero,villa forlan… use the money we get from ronaldo …and dont use giggs as midfield pls…

  2. alex u must sold the berbatov…..because i saw his play was very bad..i think u buy the top 5 player in the world like d.villa,he can play very well.i hope u like it

  3. cmon man give berba time until january no results seel him …
    buy lennon,benzema…. use owen more often…

  4. bring one attacking midfielder who can steals the ball and making unexpected running to boxes , mexicos dos santos can do the job

  5. i will agree with indianfan let give chance for Berba until Jan then alex will do something decesions on him

  6. Berba’s playing style does not fit in our united team, sell him and buy physically stronger player like ibrahimovic. Torres is my first choice. Strong defensive midfielder like essien is a must , buy one… oh and out of favour dinho could be an useful addition.. Wht do u say fergie ?

  7. SAF should keep for this year and he is top score at the moment,even rooney is not playing well we should buy balloite from mancity and we can do even better

  8. saf should buy balloite from manc and berb should stay end of season he is scoring goals and rooney is not scoring goals this is important for manu

  9. Pls buy me i can hp manu

  10. Am a sent 4rm god

  11. alex please sell berbartov and buy fernando llorente is better for united

  12. If u want to be best team sell all the 11players and buy the whole barca players

  13. Sir alex please make sure you buy,sniejder and samir naisri

  14. up united.will need sbody hw can hold our midfeld like paul.s.l belive in cleverly can do d job mata.

  15. Sir.pls dont take your mind of the inter milan man.pls keep focouse u will get to it…soon i belife so….and i need a news about sanches…pls?

  16. leave berbatov til jan,man u need a midfield lk paul scholes.

  17. pls sir i just want u 2 bring star players lyk nasri,
    shneider, modric, pls dnt loose dem pls.

  18. Pls man u shld buy sneilder & lv modric, he didn’t suit our game.he is so dul lk carrick & bebertov.up man.u.

  19. Sir.alex pls buy sanches,modrich,d.villa,nasri. Sell ferdinand n buy sergio ramos..pls i m very big fan of manu

  20. Sir alex plz buy nyamar his gud in attacking like c.ronaldo

  21. Thumbs up to Gideon igwe….
    man u should buy the dutch man he’s perfect for united.

  22. i think its tym berb leaves 4d exit door,coz d strikers are numerous buh sir alex should add atleast sme1 new 2d midfield mayb sneidjer,nasri,or recruit sme1 gud 4rm d feeders club.

  23. Please go and sing the expirace midfielder that can. Change game like schols i min sneijder or forlan. Because anderson is not good for united midfield,

  24. Pls fergie forget about sneldjer & nasri and focus on another midfielder that we replace our unforgotable retire player

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