Deadline ended

Transfer market is over now, the last important one was in england today until 19h.

Our best transfer pick of summer is Arjen ROBBEN, after him, his old team-mate Wesley SNEIJDER. Then there comes Adebayor and Diego.

€24m was the amount of money that Bayern Munchen pay to Real Madrid for Arjen Robben, and already in his first match scored 2 goals.

€15m Inter Milan payed Galacticos for Wesley Sneijder who gave impressive form in his debut against city rivals, derby against AC Milan.

Adebayor and Diego became players of their new clubs, Manchester City and Juventus before first two, so there is no need to talk too much about it.

About last reports from us, Juve got Grosso, and Rafinha didn’t choose Italy before the club from his league, Bayern Munchen.

Lot of transfers were realised in last two days, but we will not mention them, we will talk now about coaches.

The biggest suprise was when we heard that Rijkaard is going for Galatasaray. But before him, there are two transfers: Ancelotti (Ac Milan – Chelsea); Spaletti gave his resign today from As Roma which was kind of shock in Rom, and the reason is Totti italian press told us.

Now, let’s talk a little about clubs transfers and finish the post. Biggest changes made Real M. and Inter M., but our choose is italian gigant, who blast AC Milan in their first league match 0-4. There is also Bayern and Manchester City, who also did good job, even if Man. City isn’t working as well as Tottenham.

Real Madrid fans must forgive us, but they just didn’t prove themself’s individual or as team until now.