Ronaldinho considers retirement

World Cup is ruled out, the former PSG player is allegedly thinking again about hanging up his boots – radio Jovem Pan. He is not even thinking about returning to Brazil, where Ronaldo and Adriano are playing.

A year ago, these days, fans of AC Milan in his eyes his foreman winner in the derby against Inter. Today, after twelve months, the enthusiasm surrounding Ronaldinho seems to be drained completely. Fault performance anonymous ringed by Dentone in recent months, a life not just an athlete, an adventure has never really taken off. Dinho apparently in the midst of a downward parabola with no stops. Victim of an inexorable decline.

“Decline” is precisely the term used by ‘Jovem Pan’, a Brazilian radio, to motivate the resounding choice that would have taken Brazilian Ronaldinho according to sources: to withdraw at short notice. For some time the number 80 Milan have lost “motivation and stimuli, which are fundamental to remain competitive at the highest levels. And the results are there for everyone. The decision, in fact, had already been taken in the time spent in Barcelona last year colorless. Then the second thoughts, after a painstaking job of persuasion by the brother and agent Roberto Assis.

The transfer to AC Milan appeared to be the turning point, a way to get rid of all the problems and start from scratch. But nothing. Dinho continues to lose rank Rosson, not to mention those of Seleçao: him on the notebook of Dunga, there is no trace. “Utopian” its participation in the World, in light of the “self-destructive spiral of football” which has driven the Brazilian. Last resort could be represented by the remedy found by Ronaldo and Adriano to revive: a homecoming, hypotheses never ruled out a priori by the individual concerned.

But deep down in Brazil, to play football, are stimulating and motivating …

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