Goalkeeper Butt ‘hot’ on his first title

Personal Vintage cars are his passion. Therefore Jorg Butt knows that some models may not simply be consigned to the scrapheap. The goalkeeper Butt is one such model. When number two came to Bayern, developed the now 35-year-old gate of the trunk space in the master record and is now in the twilight of his professional career, before the coronation: the first time he could win a title.

Accordingly Butt “very hot” to the chase in the Bundesliga. “The championship is a huge goal for me,” he said in training camp in Dubai, “the team has the potential to be absolutely.” The second half kick-off against Hoffenheim in a week “is extremely important to give a signal to the league. We must immediately be fully there and win. ”

‘A stable factor’

Butt on the title race will be relied upon. He has amply proved in the first round – in two ways: as goalkeeper, he finished in the official ranking of the football magazine “kicker”, the first round with the second best score (2.68) of all 18 Bundesliga keeper. When he brought the team’s penalty taker in the “Miracle of Turin” with a penalty kick converted to intermediate 1:1 back into the game 4-1 (final score).

“He is a stable factor in the team, which is always important for a goalkeeper,” praised Louis van Gaal’s number one. Butt was also the safest Penalty shooter on the team ( “He’s the best.”), So he could shoot. This was even dangerous, if not transformed Butt and the team itself captures a counterattack, is aware of Van Gaal. “But I trust him.”

‘It’s all about performance’

Also enjoys the confidence of the team, the native of Oldenburg’s long been in his second year Bavaria. “I think that I have developed rapidly in the first year of a certain place,” he said, “this only works on performance in training and games.”

Also in the cabin’s Butt “from the beginning taken over” responsibility. That was, of course, he said. “As an experienced player it is more important responsibilities in his opinion, even compared to the coach to speak and to help younger players.” Qualities on and off the field, experience, titles hunger – this combination makes Jorg Butt still far from being an obsolete model .

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