“The last few weeks were not easy for me” Ze Roberto

Ze Roberto is back on Tuesday landed in Hamburg. The midfielder said immediately after his arrival with coach Bruno Labbadia.

After approximately one-hour conversation in the cabin tract of HSH Nordbank Arena, the Brazilian was in the interview with hsv.de and answer questions.

Question: Zé, this morning you have eagerly awaited return to the Hanseatic city. How does it feel to be back in the new home?

Ze Roberto: I am very happy to be back in Hamburg. The last few days and weeks were not easy for me, so I am all the happier to be back again. I will work hard on me, as quickly as possible to help the team.

Question: How are you getting your foot?

Ze Roberto: Thanks to the long period in plaster, I lost a lot of muscle mass. Although the injury is healed now, but I could not go so far in my rehab to walk again. Accordingly, I have some residue, which must now be to pump. The focus must be primarily on the calf, only then I can plan further steps.

Question: should define a date for your comeback be correspondingly difficult …

Ze Roberto: not only difficult, but at this time impossible. If it were me, I would prefer to accumulate on Saturday again. But I have learned to respect the signs of my body and give him the necessary time it needs. I will continue to work hard on me to return as quickly as possible.

Question: And personally? What is there to your well-being? Could you clean out the family problems?

Ze Roberto: In the last few days I was psychologically already posted a little, by my return to Hamburg, but I feel much better again. Based on my foot, I have the worst phase of uncertainty directly after the surgery behind me and now only look forward, open the throttle.

Question: During your stay in Brazil you have consistently followed your rehab program. What exactly where you could already do?

Ze Roberto: I’ve worked a lot in the weight room, did cardiological practice. I often sat on the wheel Everything else, however, needed respite, since I first must regain the decline in the calf muscles.

Question: Bruno Labbadia announced in Belek, a fine – you accept the decision of the coach?

Ze Roberto: I have today had a long and clarifying conversation with the coach. Besides the fine, there will be no further sanctions, we will now focus completely on my reintegration. The money I pay, of course, but I hope that the sentence fails too high.

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