Arrives Rome, Ferrara reach out to Ranieri: “Never plotting against him”

Returned from a disastrous start to 2010, Ciro Ferrara could tomorrow be the nth crossroads of his season.

Ciro Ferrara - Juventus (Getty Images)

Juventus will have to do with whether the Rome of Claudio Ranieri, Juve one that knows them well.Ferrara, in the customary press conference before each match, spoke of his own relationship with Spalletti: “I have nothing to clarify Ranieri, when I see him tomorrow greet him cordially. It ‘was also my coach at the time of Naples, tomorrow is not a clash between us, I also know there is a relationship of great respect.They wrote that I plotted against him but I want to say ahead of everyone else that is not true and that I am sorry that these things come out. I do not even gufato against him, is not part of my character.

Ferrara has also removed the ghost of Hiddink: “The president told me that there was no contact and I believe him not to others. His attorney says Hiddink refused to Juve? … I would have accepted President said he had spoken with other engineers, even if it were not for me there would be problems.

To Juventus in the week came Candreva: “If she is here is because he has quality, is young and has clear ideas, he knows that it is not easy to play for Juventus. It can play different roles as they already did in Livorno.

Finally, a reference to Rome: “They come from a run of twelve races, try to stop as we hope to break our negative streak.