Soccer: England, Scandal Captain Terry’s affair of state

London, February 1 – (Adnkronos) – The scandal involving John Terry, England and Chelsea captain faithless, becomes an affair of state. According to the Times, the government is putting pressure on the FA (Football Association), called to take a clear position. Terry, married and father of two children, and ‘finished in the storm to flirt with the model Vanessa Perroncel. The woman at the time, was linked to Wayne Bridge, a former partner Terry in Chelsea. Manchester City full-back is part of the National coached by Fabio Capello, the question, in short, could have repercussions on the balance of selection. Terry has tried unsuccessfully to block the publication of articles in the ticklish affair. The High Court in London, pero ‘, rejected the request of the defender of the blues. In the field,”John Terry and ‘a fantastic player and a good captain of England. But as such, must take responsibility ‘in front of the country. If such suspicions were confirmed-and when they are only suspicions-would undermine his role as captain,”said Gerry Sutcliffe, Sports Minister. ”I speak regularly with the FA, will ask ‘their point of view and see what happens,”adds the exponent of the executive.