Forlan on Juve target

In the Juventus that today faces Bologna is a voting by ballot for the attack unit, than it does not regard but the single game, but also the future in bianconero. We are speaking about the “challenge” all inner one between Amauri and David Trezeguet. The Brazilian, than soon will obtain the Italian passport (for the happiness of Marcello Lippi, that he will have thus in hand the umpteenth hot potato) finally he has unblocked themselves with the nets against the Genoa and the Ajax and is returned to decisive being like in its better moments. Today he would have to leave from holder from the first minute. To chase it there is but the French, re-entered to Amsterdam even if for little minuteren. David is accustomed, like has happened to it during the last few years, to having itself to earn the place to suon of goal. And it could make it today also, since Bologna the door fortune: to Dust particle in 2001 it has realized one of the beautifulst goals with the bianconera mesh, with which it is to quota 169.

The duel between Amauri and Trezeguet regards but also the market in escape. The bianconera leadership is estimating from is made. If on one side to sell Amauri to figure that is approached that expense (23 million euro) is not easy, less than not magnate arrives some of England, from other is possible that Trezeguet (whose contracted it expires in 2011) risks of having to be by force sold in order not to lose it to parameter zero, even if the figure that will be embedded will be smaller. At the level of I engage “gains” the French with its 4,5 million (3,8 Amauri).

, Brought back how much at the same time second stamane from “Tuttosport”, the Juventus is muovendo on the market to the search of an other tip. The first objectives of the bianconeri are the centravanti of the Sampdoria Giampaolo Pazzini and that Bosnian of the Wolfsburg Edin Dzeko. Their appraisal but appears a little excessive (25 million for the first one, more than 30 for the second), reason for which the bianconeri could take in consideration others two options. Before, taking advantage of the good relationships with the Athletic Madrid, it would regard Diego Forlan, that it could be acquired for a figure near 15 million euro. The other is all Italian and door to Cagliari, where scalpita Alexander Matri, for which but the Sardinian president Cellino has already refused an offer of 12 million euro. Less probable the tracks that carry to Acquafresca and the palermitano Cavani.