President of Inter on “scandal”

Three days of disqualification for Mourinho, two for Cambiasso and Muntari, one for Samuel and Cordoba. A true decimation for the capolista, after the contest with the Sampdoria; disqualifications for which the Inter has already announced resorted. And from the gravity of the endorsements it has been said surprised the same president Maximum Moratti.

“We did not expect thus barring hard – it has said the patron nerazzurro – We have however an important encounter Wednesday (in Champions against the Chelsea, ndr), for which we ulteriorly try not alimentary the controversies”.

Moratti has been said been strange also from the clamour provoked from Hush prints… “Draft of Hush prints rispettoso – it has said – Is in order protect the square, not for protest; because we have an important game Wednesday and we try not to feed the controversies. It has been understood evil from you (the journalists, ndr)”.

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