Buffon out for 4 weeks

The porter juventino will sure jump the contest against the Ajax and the challenge against Palermo of Sunday. He could remain outside a month.

Still a accident in the ill-fated season of Gianluigi Buffon, that it will be forced to jump the waited for one match of Europe League against the Ajax because of a suspicion streching to the skillful leg.

The bianconero porter now risks an other along stop after the operation to the slid December to the meniscus to ginocchio the left, he has outside held than it for approximately a month. If the streching had to be confirmed the Buffon examinations it would have to be outside approximately four weeks.

The number one of the Juve will be sure indisponibile for the game tomorrow and, except unexpected improvements, it will jump also that against Palermo in program Sunday. Calendar to the hand the bianconero porter risks to having to watch from the tribune some important challenges in Champions optical that attend the Juventus in the next days, like those with Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Naples.