Eduardo case “again” for Arsenal

Arsenal London remains pursued by the injury pitch. Now it got Aaron Ramsey in the play with Stoke town center completely badly. The players with the match between Stoke town center and arsenal London beat the hands up before the eyes or over the head, the coaches and spectators looked speechless on the place: With a duel with Ryan Shawcross fallow itself Aaron Ramsey the leg, the Schienbein and also the knee should be concerned – an exact diagnosis does not give it yet. Shawcross crept howling from the place Shawcross saw the red map for its Foul, which no intention was present, and crept because of the heavy injury of its opponent howling from the place. The high English school: When the 19-jährige midfield player was carried by the place, the spectators in the Britannia stage of their seats rose and wished with completely much applause the heavily injured player so good improvement. Goose skin purely! Only to info.: Arsenal won the play with Stoke town center with 3: 1.

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