Diego: Staying where I am

Difficult to find a companion that of it speaks badly. And in this case it does not seem the usual a little hypocritical diplomacy: the esteem regarding Diego is authentic from the Juventus, understanding as square before still that society. “He is an authentic champion. It deserves confidence. It must dargli the time to get used”. Words, but also made, because same Diego feels this confidence also on the field. Tant’è that the thing the inorgoglisce has made and to know it the companions. A speech with the heart, through which it has ringraziato the companions of the support whom they continue to dargli, the whose juice in extreme synthesis sound more or less thus: they are aware that some time is not to the height of the expectations and I do not succeed to render to the hundreds for hundreds, but I will in any case try to repay this confidence that fairies to feel to me.

DELICATE MOMENT – You call it, if you want, “promised” to the dressing room, siglata in a particularly delicate moment, with the substitutions of Zaccheroni that sting it the pride and the voices of market (the exchange with Ribery) that they make to rimbombare the feeling of the disappointment tied to its performances of this season. The wish to react from Diego is highest, refrained from the physical fatigue and lies them after to have played without solution of continuity from the beginning of a not easy vintage year under every point of view. Stress it is not lacked and this – Zaccheroni assures also, that it has studied give close the problem has sure recorded.

The FABLE – Fatigue or not, Diego dies from the wish to repay the heat of the companions, to sweep via the critics, the doubts and the voices of market. The Platinum fables, Zidane and Nedved, ugly become ducklings swans in the course of their first season to the Juventus the continuous one to inspire and even if, by now, already we have arrived to March and some piuma white woman would have to be already dulled, it does not surrender and assaults the challenge against the Fiorentina with the grinta of who has something of important to say and to demonstrate.

The CHARACTER – Words from leader. On the other hand it never has not pulled itself behind and has always demonstrated to a discreet personality in facing the engagements. The week, empty – ahilui! – from engagements with the national one it has allowed it to recharge the batteries. From the physical point of view it has carried out a job detail and specifically studied for he from the staff of Zaccheroni: the objective era fargli to recover a little of energies, cultivating some the brilliance. From the psychological point of view, it has had the support of the companions and the deriving charge having seen the Seleçao in television to one hundred days from the World-wide one. It, like Of the Piero that this evening will try still to duettare as it has succeeded in way much effective one against the Genoa, still believes of being able itself to play a place in South Africa. Dunga, at least to words, it holds the opened door, but it must make something of eclatante in order to succeed in entrarvi.

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