Melo: “Arsenal, no thanks”

Wenger insists and proposes the exchange with Van Persie, the Brazilian refuses. “A pleasure to be estimated from a great trainer, but I’m staying at Juve”

“Arsenal? Not, thanks”. This the answer, educated but determined, of Felipe Melo to Arsène Wenger that it would want in its square in order to complete the definitive jump of quality and to attack with anchor more decision the Chelsea and Manchester United. Manager- technical English, in fact, has tried to open a negotiation with the club of course Galileo Ferraris inserting in the speech samples like Van Persie, Clichy and Sagna, elements that all the squares of the world would want to have and that to London they are decided only in exchange for to sacrifice the bianconero centrocampista and of the National Brazilian but Umberto Fusco, Italian collaborator of the proxy of Melo – through Sky Sport she has closed any door: “The words of Wenger make appeal to because they arrive not from a trainer of great prestige but at the moment are null more than a mutual esteem. The Arsenal follows Felipe Melo from the times in which it played in the Fiorentina but task is improbable that a negotiation with the Juventus is opened. It is true that Felipe Melo is not playing to its level accustoms them in this season, but the problems are with the entire square, therefore its has not been a failure. The Juventus has demonstrated of having great confidence in he making grandissimo an investment in summer and not creed that has intention to sell it”. Not to exchange it with Van Persie, one of the great protagonists of the Prime Minister, champion who to the leaders juventini is always piaciuto. Insomma, Felipe Melo confirmation to be very well to Turin where he wants to demonstrate for entire its value. It is a proud type and it will make of all in order tearing the applauses to the bianconeri tifosi.

ONLY JUVE – In spite of a rather disappointing season with the bianconera mesh the continuous player to appeals to and having market: “But I task to the Juventus and the game of Florence. We quickly forget the defeat with Palermo and concentrate ourselves this evening on the challenge. It must resume the speech with the Victoria for riagguantare that quarter place useful to participate to next the Champions League. Troubles if we did not have to obtain it, this fact I do not want not to take it in consideration: overhead I have only the Juventus and I do not mean to move to me from Turin”. Felipe Melo admits that this evening he will try a little of emotion in playing in a stage has launch that it in the great soccer: “We say that it will be a special contest, Florence is a city that I will always carry in the heart, has given to me all, will not forget it. Thanks to the mesh viola have conquered the Seleçao before and then the Juventus, at all squares any”.

THREE POINTS – Beautiful words, already. And not only of circumstance. Because the median one juventino is not disposed to make reductions in price and chases, with great determination, the three points for giving a meaning to the season. And little it imports if when comes down in field the tifosi hiss viola it. In order to not only take apart it and: in fact they have not still assimilated its departure. This evening, but, they risk to see a player regenerated in the physicist and the moral. Alberto Zaccheroni, in fact, is successful to carry it on high levels. Felipe Melo has been one of the main beneficiaries of the cure since he has played well in Europe League against the Ajax and championship against Bologna, Lazio and Chievo. The same Brazilian has words of praise for the trainer of Cesenatico: “With he I am doing good – it has admitted to the microphones of Sky after the game that its Brasi has won them for 2 – 0 against the Germany -, they are improved and I feel myself calmer”.

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