Owen, ended season: goodbye world-wide dream

Season ended for Michael Owen who must thus abandon also the last hopes to participate to the world-wide shipment. The forward of Manchester United is itself injured person in the course of the end of Alloy Goblet slid Sunday, accusing a muscular problem. The examinations orchestrate them to which he is subordinate in the successive days have evidenced a lesion to the level of the flessori will force that it to remain firm for next the three months. Owen, 30 years, closes thus the season with 9 goals in 31 presences, three 19 left goals in of League Prime Minister. “It is an ugly news for the square and Michael – the comment of Alex Ferguson -. Creed that the hard Prato of Wembely is a possible cause of the accident. We augur to recover soon in form”.

BOSINGWA OUT – After Michael Owen World-wide the forgiveness also the Portuguese Josè Bosingwa. The terzino of the Chelsea, adversary of the Inter in Champions, has brought back also he a new accident to the ginocchio. Like for the English forward of Manchester United pure for Bosingwa ended season and Sudafrica goodbye the national Portuguese, outside from half October, is itself newly injured person in training and will have to return under irons after the November operation. Acquired in summer 2008, in this Bosingwa season he has only totaled eight presences in League Prime Minister. Meantime physical problems also for Ricardo Carvalho, re-entered from the engagements with the national one with an annoyance to the adducent ones. In doubt its presence in the quarters of end of Goblet of England, Sunday to the Stamford Bridge against the Stoke.

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