Pjanic: We can arrive to the end

“They are happiest, is goal the more important of my career”. Miralem Pjanic, 19enne prodigio of the Lione, is the man who has spread Real Madrid, that he has fratumato the dreams of largeness of the new ones galacticos, that has silenced the 85mila supporters of the merengues, that they dreammed to gain Champions League in the year in which the end is in program own in happens them Iberian.

The Bosnian fantasista, in exclusive right for Goal.com, tells the great night of the Bernabeu: “The first time has been much difficult one for we, especially with the tifosi that they pushed Real Madrid – Miralem admits – has created a wonderful atmosphere to the stage. Then it has become still more difficult after that has marked and that they have created many occasions. We knew that the Real had to mark and that it would have intentional to mark very soon. Therefore when they have made us it has become indeed a lot hard. But we were in a good condition of form, especially in the resumption, and when I have marked it has been an indeed important moment for we”.

Its has been a net of happens them importance: “They are happy for me, for my square, my society and my family. This is goal the more important that I have never realized”, admits the young talent grown in the Metz, than now it dreams the end of Madrid: “Now we are in the quarters of end and can arrive also till the end”. Any is the verdict of the urn, the next adversary of the Lione will be an other big ones of continental soccer: “In the quarters of end there are only optimal squares. For we to play against Manchester United, Arsenal or Bayern Monaco is the same thing. They will be all games difficult for we to play”.

2010 have been up to here an optimal year for the trequartista of Zvornik, exploded definitively and asserted like one of talentuosi baby of European soccer. “To personal level it has been an optimal season for me – Bosnian confirmation the campioncino (communitarian as in possession of the French and lussemburghese passport) – But I hope and I want to improve more always for being able to arrive to the higher levels. In training I learn very from the other players and the Lione is an optimal square for a player of my age”.

The Lione must now be concentrated on the championship, where the fight for the title it is still most open: “It is a lot important for we to go well also in championship. We must make sure better but the problem is that the other squares always play defended against of we. It is not like in Champions League”. The next obstacle calls St.Etienne, a derby a lot felt: “It is the most important contest for the society, the tifosi and for the players. These are always hard games a lot. The St.Etienne is an optimal square and has many players of quality. But we must strike them also because we play in house”. (translator)

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