Man City: €35m for Juve’s Gianluigi Buffon

Prime Minister League club Manchester town center plans the next large transfer coup: According to a report the Englishmen plan the obligation of the Italian national goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. 35 million a euro-offer is to be sent toward Juventus Turin.

That the millions with Manchester town center no role play is meanwhile probably admits become, now plans the Prime Minister League club a large transfer coup. Of Italy national goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is to be obligated and be changed in the summer on the island.

Million-content for Buffon

As it is to be read sport in a report of the Gazzetta dello, Manchester town center offers approximately 35 million euros for Buffon.

The conclusion man of series a-club Juventus Turin is besides scarcely ten million euro content per season to take, that would be a doubling compared with his pay cheque of Juve. The Italian sport daily paper continues to report that Juventus will examine the offer. (translator)

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