What crossings you would like to see in quarters, and why?

You would like to see a Barcelona-Lyons, so that the ones of Pep Guardiola try to do what Real Madrid could not? You want a revenge for the Inter of Jose Mourinho before its twig of the passed year, Manchester United?

The disease is served facing the great drawing of this Friday. In Nyon we will know which will be the more cosmopolitan quarters of end of the Champions of the last times, and the small balls can throw really spectacular crossings. It could have some pending accounts that to settle. Fraticidas shocks, between equipment of a same country. And also unpublished confrontations in the history of this match.

In Goal.com we want proponerte a game: that you yourself you choose to your dreamed quarters of end. Which would be the crossings with more disease? Here we propose some alternatives to you, considering what it has happened in this Champions and also in recent editions.

For example, you imagine to Barcelona de Pep Guardiola having to face the Olympique de Lyons? The Gauls loaded in eighth a Real Madrid, equipment to which has of son in this match, but never it has occurred them to face the equipment culé very well. And if the Catalans eliminate to them, they will be able to say that they have made “what never the meringues could” and see cleared his way thus the end. That one will gamble, we remember… in Santiago Bernabéu.

And if we spoke of disease, what seems to you a new crossing between the Inter and Manchester United? The passed course, the Network Devils stopped to the equipment nerazzurro bringing about the enormous deception of Jose Mourinho.

But now luso looks for revenge and its equipment comes to eliminate another English Coco, the Chelsea. There will be second opportunity against the ones of Old Trafford?

The big drum could provide, in addition, an unpublished shock in quarters in the history of the Champions, like a Bayern de Munich-CSKA of Moscow, or even individual fraticidas duels between brothers of a same country: you imagine United-Arsenal, or a Lyons-Girondins of Bordeaux? Everything can happen!

It comes, because that one is the game. It lets fly your imagination and it anticipates the quarters dreamed facing the drawing of Friday.

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