Argentina 4-1 South Korea

Argentina too strong, or rather its attack on South Korea team that Maradona makes it four in the second half but the team of Park Ji Sung has been close to balance. And ‘the usual albiceleste a defense too insecure and potentially offensive layer.

Field – Maradona must do without Veron and replacing it with Maxi Rodriguez deploying his team with a 4-3-2-1 with five offensive players from the midfield up. Korea, however, may not have the right-back Cha Du who had impressed in the match with Greece.

You play – How Forecasting in Argentina is the game and immediately pour half the field in Korea, it would suffice to Moo Huth also a peer against the battleship South America. Mary is another than the game against Nigeria and committed rearguard suffered the Asian. Conversely Higuain still seems too hazy and not very bright. The result, however, Argentina unlocks the quarter-hour in a fairly random. On a free kick outside Messi, Park Chu most prolific man in Korea in qualifying, deflects the shank into his own. Ki Sung on 18 ‘responds immediately, shakes Romero with a swing from the outside. A muscle problem forced Samuel to surrender his place Maradona sent on Burdisso. And the defender of Rome entered the 33 ‘action of the goal of doubling the slope extending from Maxi Rodriguez. For Higuain, the man in shadow dell’Albiceleste since there is a breeze to turn into a headed goal by punishing Korean defense looked on. The fittest man in Argentina but Carlitos Tevez is running, wrestling, finishes, and nearly free-kick. He does everything almost obscuring Messi. At 39 ‘left a lot of reviving a great speech to call Mary Jung Sung. Just one minute from the rest, Leo Messi delights the audience with a slalom in Johannesburg extraordinary and deserves a touch below that goal. Korea in the first 45 minutes? Not received. The attitude of Asians is the same result on parity, a goal that both under two. But to recover thinks De Michelis in recovery with a blunder, an oratorio, promotes good at Chung Lee Romero cool. Twist and a surprise game reopened.

Higuain after being released after the goal, even psychologically, is close to double staff. Tevez delightful duet with Mary-Of Real striker is seen by Jung Sung reject the shot. Argentina continues her monologue in the opening shot, Tevez Korean forces still extremely difficult to intervene. Korea, however, the break down field with a more offensive and a very well orchestrated counterattack threatens to send ko Argentina for the second time. (Translated from Italian)

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