Netherland 1-0 Japan

Clash between best in class between the Netherlands and Japan, to win three points in the race to heavy qualification: the tick Holland thanks to a goal by Wesley Sneijder, once again decisive, helped by uncertainty tragicomic goalkeeper Kawashima. Qualification now reach for the Oranje, Back in the Japanese instead.

Field – the Dutch in the field with the same formation that beat Denmark 2-0 in the opening match, with the convalescent Robben still sitting on the bench. Japanese strong points of the three crops against Cameroon in their turn confirmed that the team made the first race. Bench and thus also for the star Shunsuke Nakamura, who must settle for a part-time role.

You play – Before population that appears, as expected, with the Netherlands that phrasing in midfield but without ‘make the dangerous parts of Kawashima. Japan remains in their own half, sfruriate expects the Dutch (who do not get to the truth) and try to start the counterattack especially Okubo and Honda. The first half hour then goes without any major event, apart from a timid Sneijder free kick and some acceleration of the previously mentioned Honda for the Japanese team. As happened against Cameroon, Japan begins to accelerate when there ten minutes interval and become dangerous to get a couple of times, first with a header by Tanaka and then with a fine volley Hasebe. Casas Argentina’s goalless at the whistle, recorded a few emotions.

The second half opens with a bang, or with the benefit Sneijder signed Holland: van Bronckhorst’s cross, free bad defense and the Japanese midfielder and ready to fire a torpedo from the edge of the area on which the goalkeeper Kawashima wrong action, smanacciando network. The goal, rather than galvanize oranje, revitalizes Japan crushing opponents in their defensive trocar and collect corners repeatedly, especially thanks to the efforts of an inspired Okubo. Holland defends itself with difficulty but contains the outburst Japanese, but wasting ‘every opportunity to counterattack, the rate falls dramatically with each passing minute, the coach Okada Japanese forces enter Tamada but neither fresh nor Nakamura can shift gears to the offensive Asian. In Holland out of a tired and off van der Vaart to quick Elijah, but the attacks gradually become orange ‘rarest, accomplices slow and imprecise. Rest for Sneijder, replaced by Afellay, and for men van Marwijk light is shut off: the Dutch controlled the game at a trot, with minimum sorties the union but in their only two real counterattack & the newly entered Afellay that is two times face to face with the Japanese goalkeeper, very good close to the mirror. End with the final forcing Japan, which produces but ‘just a good opportunity to Tamada: ball over the crossbar. It ends in a zero un’Olanda very cynical and unspectacular, Japan might have at least earned a draw for the dedication shown by all ninety minutes.

The key – The commendable work of both departments has prevented the fantastic midfield to create the game, while allowing the defenses to sleep relatively peacefully. Absent then the show waited in vain, came out basically a boring race.

The gem – difficult to find a pearl, at the time of the legendary “Mai dire gol” some of the technical gestures seen today would be finished right under the heading “Go with the smooth” means all the parade-like exhibited by Kawashima on goal Sneijder playing. Fortunately for him, then cured with two paratone on Afellay.

Top&Flop – Male Dutch entire offensive unit, which is saved Sneijder was not the only goal for the game and a lot of movement. Well the central hinge Japanese el’iperattivo Okubo. (Automatically translated from Italian)

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