Portugal 7-0 South Korea

Game full of goals in Cape Town, Korea cashes the beauty of seven goals from Portugal Queiroz, understated but devastating first-half after the break. Networking six different scorers, with the former Juventus Tiago author of a remarkable double. World come to North Korea, will be saved the honor against the Ivory Coast, as far as possible. Portuguese forts of a large goal difference which puts them in an advantageous position on the road to the second round.

Field – Korea sided with the same eleven holders of heroic game against Brazil, honorably lost 2 to 1 after the green-gold held in check for all time. Queiroz’s Portugal, however, after the draw against Ivory Coast in search of three points, without the injured Deco, replaced by Tiago. Slight change in tactics, moving from three to two midfielders, with the former Juventus midfielder in the back booth.

It is played – the first time sees Portugal immediately dangerous with Ronaldo, who undertakes the Korean goalkeeper from distance, and immediately hit the post with Ricardo Carvalho on the development of a corner. Korea, visibly under pressure, finds an unexpected ally in the rain begins to fall on Cape Town, making each step very complicated. Korea did not discover too much, but refrains from being seen from parts of Eduardo enveloping maneuvers and fast are a challenge Carvalho and especially the members 15 ‘with Jong Tae missing engagement face to face with Eduardo. The game changes at 29 minutes when Tiago fishing in the area just cut Raul Meireles, then ruthless Myong stab in from close range. Advantage altogether deserved for the people of Queiroz, who waste within minutes a couple of good chances with Meireles, the more ‘active first tranche, and Hugo Almeida. The first portion closes with yet another conlcusione forced Ronaldo defiant but visibly frustrated at the beginning of World rather subdued.

Second time running with Portugal arrembante, decided to close early to count: we try and Tiago Ronaldo working hard goalkeeper, Simao before the veteran can not find the hallway just to the ball sack of two to zero. From then on, Queiroz’s men begin to kick sciorinare fast and extremely effective, because of sudden accelerations and duets in the Strait: the poor at the expense Korea, unable to stem the gusts of Lusitanian. In the space of five are in the network before Almeida (55 ‘) and then Tiago (60’), but there are other missed by two occasionissime Coentrao and Meireles. Ronaldo turned into this second tranche in a feeder selfless and inspired, he begins a duel with the intense goalkeeper Myong which is very lucky when the ball kicked from Madrid crashed against the crossbar. Queiroz gives minutes of rest, and Almeida Meireles, Veloso and replaced by Liedson, with the latter putting the exclamation point on this superb performance of the Portuguese with the goal of 5 to 0 before Ronaldo puts his long awaited World first goal and Tiago put the humiliating SEVENTH goal behind Myong.

The key – The transformation of Ronaldo, a striker selfish to selfless prompter, has changed the game a walk in the Portuguese health. In the finale comes the longed personal goals, earned for the second time as a true leader.

The gem – The sprints are real boon in this Coentrao World stingy beautiful combinations offensive: his understanding with Ronaldo is very good, his cross for 3 to 0 of Almeida delicious. It eats up a good opportunity to score, but the number of runs in the left lane weigh heavily when it’s time to be polished.

Top Losers – Korea is a flop general colpevolissimo coach Kim Jong But no one can ‘be done. On the other side very well all over the offensive department, so ‘so’ instead goalkeeper Eduardo. (Automatic translate from Italian language)

2 thoughts on “Portugal 7-0 South Korea”

  1. this world cup has not been much more interesting like the previous ones as the majority of the result were un decided or drawn but after this match viewers actually like to see the goals as it was numerous 7-0.
    Portugal has always been favorite mainly because of the Ronaldo and in this match Portugal players really showed their different skills and knocked out south Korea !!

  2. Wow, just shows that any monkey with a computer can be a reporter or a bloger. Also shows that there are idiots who posts stupidness. Live football streaming, clearly you don’t follow the WC nor did you watch the game. As for this blog, get the facts.
    Portugal has not beaten South Korea 7-0. They were not even in the same group. It was North Korea. Do yourself a favour and burn your computer.

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