Dzeko Manci’s new striker

Become increasingly complicated negotiations that put in place with Juventus and CSKA Moscow Wolfsburg to reach the Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko and wing Serbian Milos Krasic. Microphones to explain to ‘Radio Radio’ is the official FIFA Marko Naletilic, who is engaged as a mediator between Juve and the Russian club.

“At the moment – said Naletilic – Dzeko is much closer to Manchester City and Juventus. He would prefer the club Juventus, but it is difficult for them to find the 30 million requested by Wolfsburg. Only if it were inserted in the treaty could be Diego can a successful conclusion for Juve. ”

Things are difficult for Krasic, is only 1.5 million euros, the distance between supply and demand, but the purchase of Storari lifted Juve to the budget that could be used to arrive at fair CSKA .. . “When negotiations began Buffon was fine, but then Juve had to take Storaro – said Naletilic – At the time the deal is firm and Krasic returned to Moscow to try to break the deadlock. He wants to Juventus and the club until Juventus hope the leaves will not accept other destinations. “

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