Interview with Seifert

The Bundesliga may perhaps not have the glamor of the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, but does something else that they are unable to do: to generate profits. During the 2008/09 season produced 30 million profit – more than all the other major tournaments assieme.Grazie put the German spirit, the league championship was the most efficient in the world. For example, the Bundesliga club spend less than 50% of total resources for the salaries of the players which was significant compared to 71% of the Premier League, Serie A, 68%, 63% and 62% of La Liga Ligue 1 .

This does not prevent the German league to boast the highest concentration of samples in the world. Consider the World 2010: the league has more players involved in the tournament than any other tournaments. In the quarterfinals, 37 players still in contention were playing in Germany, compared with 35 in Spain and 25 of Serie A. While Germany can boast of the best football of the economic world, it is only the fourth season – after the Premier League, La Liga and Premier League – UEFA ranking, TV rights and international appeal. The glamor is more important than efficiency when it comes to attracting the interest of the world? Or simply the brand of the Bundesliga is not able to convey the strength of German football?

Given the recent performance of players in the Bundesliga in the World, the interest generated by the many young stars of German football, the strength of business model and the Teutonic magic of a national multi-cultural, the league is regarded as the league’s most underrated world. To achieve global recognition that we need someone tells the amazing story. This person is Christian Seifert, CEO of the Bundesliga, the ideal man for that purpose by virtue of his knowledge of football and the media.