Marco Lanna: Impossible is nothing!

In short we would have bet at the start of last season, but Sampdoria has finally managed to return to Europe that counts. Waiting So the next demanding season, Sampdoria must now think of creating the conditions for secure access to the Champions League to follow up with big dreams. To imagine his immediate future, we have used the help of a former memorable as Marco Lanna, in Exclusive, has expressed his opinion on the company’s operations in Liguria. Then Mark, the fourth-place finish sparked the minds of supporters sampdoriani, Garrone think that will implement, once again, an excellent market campaign? “I think he’s already doing a lot by keeping valuable pieces in the team. Given the three events that will face will, however, need a thickening of the rose. The president has much enthusiasm and wait for the right occasion to make the team more competitive, given the chance to grab the prestigious Champions League group.

So far have been made to sign a few shots on the front purchases. Considers that the workforce is adequate to overcome the Champions? “While there are strong ensembles, not least, I think that would gamble on a par with anyone. Nothing is unattainable for this Samp, considering the excellent results obtained with the big Italian last season. ” Speaking still possible adjustments, if I Gasparin department which primarily reinforced? “Nobody in particular, each sector has already inside men to the task. Rather than try to increase their number by adding pieces with experience needed to command respect in the various competitions, especially international ones. E ‘key is to then have reinforcements quality, able to give breath holders.

Most fans entrusted their hopes on the confirmation of Cassano and Pazzini will be rewarded? “Both these names, is another factor as Palombo, I am convinced will remain until at least preliminary, then we’ll see.” In the last hours rumors indicate Lukas Podolski among the objectives of management. And ‘pure fantasy or assume that there might be something behind? “The employment Podolski would be great, but it seems difficult to realize the political view of cost containment dictated by society. I assume that the situation is unlockable only by the assignment of a sample, but it appears that Garrone is not willing to undertake it, again if not received offers unique rankings.

An added important is place on the bench, with Di Carlo Del Blacks ready to take over. Will not be regretting his departure? “I hope so. Although lacking in European experience, is a very technical preparation, able to give strength to their training, not counting that will be greatly helped by the presence of talent whimsical, or see Cassano Marilungo.

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