Juventus market situation

Sebastian Giovinco has never hidden his desire to stay at Juventus, but at this point an assignment could become necessary because he needs to play. In recent days, the coach of the Ventura Bari invited back on their game with the red and white shirt. In Puglia, the goblin would holder Juventus durable, but also would be interested in Parma giocatore.Giovinco meanwhile did not participate in the friendly with Al Nassr and has not been convened for that with the Hamburg, just a coincidence? Juve to ensure that choices are tied to a physical condition is not optimal, but the sale could be just around the corner.

Only 12 months ago was considered the biggest coup of the summer market Juventus, Diego today after a bad season seems to have become the ideal player cedere. His departure would mean cash is still a significant sum and Brazil also have large market Germany where he did very well to Werder. For this reason there has been talk of a possible inclusion in the negotiation for Dzeko, but apparently has not reckoned with the will of the microphones. Diego has confirmed its willingness to stay in Turin: I want to stay clear, but society must think like me. The market rumors bother me and I read so many lies. I chose Juve and I am happy here in the next championships last point to make it better. ”

The new Juventus Gigi Del Blacks gave some positive signs, especially the commitment of the players who so far have shown a willingness to redeem last season. The new coach has spoken of the team, with extensive references to Diego, who looks set to stay. “We have worked well although there is still much to do, given that the national must return, but we are happy even physical improvements that we were. I expected and I found players. In this group there is great quality, but also so much effort by all. ” There’s even someone like Bonucci, arrived in camp with 3 days in advance: “It shows that this is a serious group that knows that we will face a difficult and important year.”

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