Diego Maradonas explaination about his travel to Venezuela

There has been some controversy about Diego Maradonas presence during the discussion about deciding Argentina’s future as he left it in the middle and went to Venezuela. Maradona was supposed to have a meeting in this week with the chiefs of AFA for continuing as the teams coach during the La Seleccion, but he had left to Venezuela which made reports saying that he had gone to coach the national team over there.

Maradona explained about his visit to Venezuela on the stage in Caracas with Chavez. Maradona said, he had come to Venezuela to have some good advice from my friend Hugo and not to find a job here. There will be a discussion about my future on Monday as there is a meeting with Julio head of AFA, he added.

Maradona is also a very good friend of Fidel Castro and also had been an analyst of American imperialism. He said i will always stay with the president side until he dies as he really works and fights for the people of his country.

Chavez expressed his feelings as he said, ‘In the next World Cup Venezuela are going there, and Argentina finishing champions’, with his own praising words. Then the conference was completed by the head of state with usual war cry to the people of Venezuelan with some added honours to the guests. It said, ‘Viva socialism, viva the homeland, viva sports, viva Maradona’.

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