Ronaldinho’s manager speaks about the players career with Milan

Roberto De Assis has a very strong feeling about Ronaldinho’s career in Milan, he said that his brothers entire career may remain in Milan itself. The latest news is that the player was going to the Galaxy in Los Angeles, there was deal made by the Brazilian for Landon Donovan.

But Roberto had a brief word about Ronaldinhos presence at the San Siro if the contract is renewed. He also said that they admire the words of  Berlusconi and it also delights them very much. The connection between us and Milan has been very good so far and will remain the same.

He also added that he will meet Adriano Galliani very soon to speak about the contract as the understanding between us is very good. There seems to be no problem and no point of urgency also in this matter. Ronaldinho has been playing for Milan and he shall remain there, if any team wants to approach him for hiring they need to contact Milan and not us, he added.

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