Drenthe on the edge of transfer to Liverpool FC

Royston Drenthe said it’s not yet official, and that the clubs still didn’t negotiate, but that he only want’s Liverpool with words:

“Soon, I’ll be new player of FC Liverpool. I can’t wait to start in new club.”

On other side, Juventus FC offered their Tiago to new Liverpool’s coach, if Mascherano leaves for Inter Milan. They also offered exchange between their Poulsen and Agger. Manchester United is watching what will happen with Fernando Torres, while they are nogotiating with Diego Forlan. The price is problem for Torres, as they are asking 50m pounds, and none of clubs who are interested are ready to offer that much, Chelsea and Man UTD are most interested clubs. Forlan will cost Liverpool €20m if they choose to sign him.

Other news:
– Carvalho ready to demand transfer from Chelsea today.
– Roberto Mancini, coach of Man City, said on our previos romours: “Ramires and David Luiz are great players, but Chelsea outbidded us. We can’t sign everyone, but still, we have 20 days to bring some new players. We have money for transfers, but can’t offer so big wages.”

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