Thomas Vermaelen is confident of Arsenal winning next Premier League

Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen has been very confident in recent time, he has said that this Arsenal’s Premier League title would come to their name after six long years. Even though the team has not performed well Vermaelen expects they will reach the top spot in the next season.

In an interview, Vermaelen added ‘The team’s spirit is very good. There are many young players who are very aggressive and want to improve’. The Belgian defender who debut at the Emirates in the last season really feels that the Arsenal are all set to get the title in the upcoming season.

There is a lot of criticism about the Managers control over the team for a long period of 5 yrs which has affected the teams performance, but the Arsenal defender is not worried about all this critics. Arsenal have started well by playing 2 games and scored 7 goals against Sturm Graz and Barnet in the pre-season preparations for the next Premier League season.

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