Arsenal may sell Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona

Barcelona are planning to sign a deal with Cesc Fabregas, the Arsenal captain as per the reports. The player has plans to return to the club where he started his career after being in the news for so many months and finally it is expected to be confirmed.

Both the clubs have disagreed about this plan, but reports say that the agreement has been made secretly and will be completed after clearing few things. Fabregas had spoken to the Arsenal manager before this year world cup had started, as the Spain won the world cup team mates also waved Barcelona shirt over the players head.

Arsenal have already said that they are not ready to sell their captain, even then if Barcelona would want get the player the cost would be £50 million, which will be very important in this matter. There is also a fee of £37.5m (€45m) which has been planned by the Spanish champions which will not be increased according to them.

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