Maradona continuing as Argentina coach is doubtful

Diego Maradonas staying as Argentina coach is in questions after he met the federation president Julio Grondona. According to AFA & its president it is not been finalized yet about Maradona continuing as coach.

According to AFA reports Maradona had given his interests of taking care of the team, after the meeting the president had informed Maradona that this matter will be discussed with the members of the executive committee and will be decided. There are also reports that the assistant to Maradona was criticized very much after the loss at the World Cup quarter final, but the coach wants his entire staff to be with him.

If Maradona steps away, Sergio Batista the coach from the Under-20 team will take over Argentina in the upcoming match against Ireland on August 11. The team is yet to be announced, Cherquis Bialo said there are no possibilities of Maradona stepping away from coach as there are no other options, but there is back up only during emergencies.

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