Serie A fixture surprises the big four teams

The fixture for Serie A 2010/11 season was announced on Wednesday night and it seems very interesting for teams like Inter, Roma, Milan and Juventus. The coaches of these four big teams have been in some surprise in spite of having an easy fixture.

Claudio said there is a story behind every champion, whether it is easy or difficult we have to play with all the team in the tournament. In the same way Del Neri said, Inter and Roma will be facing in the fifth week which will be very interesting as both teams’ wishes to win the title.

Milan’s manager Allegri said, the opening matches are very important as many new teams have entered the tournament but we have to play with power and passion. Rafael Benitez who is new to Inter said, there are two important games which are against Roma and Juventus, we have to be ready to play with any team which is on the list and start the playing matches positively.

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