Scott Parker’s £8 Million offer from Liverpool

Scott Parker is expected to be approached by Liverpool for an unexpected deal of £8 million, as per the reports Mascherano is expected to leave for a £20m deal and the former player from Chelsea may be replaced in its place according to Roy Hodgson, Anfield manager.

Parker has also turned away the offer made by Tottenham Hotspur. David Sullivan the co-owner of Hammer said he is not ready to sell his best players. But this information has not made spurs manager Redknapp to leave Parker. The two clubs have already been face to face in getting Joe Cole saga this season and now the same has happened in Parker’s matter too.

Parker is very important for Anfield but he may not be useful for them if Christian Poulsen of Juventus signs the deal made by Hodgson. If it happens it will be a respect for us to join Liverpool, said Danish international’s manager.

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