Mourinho: “You will see different Real Madrid”

Jose Mourinho who joined Real couple of weeks ago from European champions Internazionale Milano has stated that the world will see better and also different Real than we did last season.

“I want a new striker. Yes, I have Benzema and Higuain, Ronaldo can also play there, but i dont want to use him there. He is to talented to keep him up-front all the time. He has to have a ball.”

“Last year Real played mostly through the middle of the pitch, this year we won’t. We bought two talented wingers, Angel Di Maria and Pedro Leon who are both very good on the ball, so we will attack through the wings and also through the middle. You will see very balanced Real Madrid team.”

So, which striker do you think will join Real Madrid? Dzeko, Amauri or maybe Rooney?

2 thoughts on “Mourinho: “You will see different Real Madrid””

  1. rooney wil be the best to match that madrid attacking front,if am to sign then rooney is there!thanks!

  2. To my wish, i am more interesting to see rooney in real madrid than any other team.

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