Maicon staying in Inter

Real Madrid consultant Ernesto Bronzetti has confirmed Douglas Maicon will stay at Inter.

“The transfer to Madrid is definitively over. Negotiations never genuinely took off,” insisted FIFA agent and Real Madrid consultant Bronzetti on Sky Sport Italia.

“I speak with President Florentino Perez every day, but after a price-tag that the club considered out of proportion with Maicon’s age, there was no counter-offer. I don’t consider Inter taking him off the market to be a strategic move, as there were no clubs willing to sign him at that price anyway. They probably were smart in setting the bar so high, as they never did want to sell the player.

“In my view, today’s story isn’t really news, as I knew how things were already. It’s only natural Maicon was interested in the move, especially with Mourinho here.”

Jose Mourinho was eager to reunite with the Brazilian right-back after their successful stint together at San Siro, but even the Merengues baulked at the €28m price-tag.

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