Didier Drogba denies of leaving Chelsea

Didier Drogba has completely denied about his chances of quitting Chelsea this season. According to reports there are other big teams like Manchester City who wanted to get the Chelsea striker but he wanted to continue with his present team. The player said every year there will be talks about this but people saw me in Chelsea shirt during my last match and this is how it will be this season.

Drogba wants to help his team to win after last season’s Premier League and FA Cup title. He expects Manchester City to run for the title and may reach top four places as the team spends more money to purchase good players.

Chelsea lost to Manchester United last Sunday which did not affect Drogba much as the pre-season having started late for Chelsea players because of World Cup. Last match was disappointing as the players are practicing from 10days, within 2-3weeks the team will perform well, he added.

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