Giorgio Chiellini’s thoughts about Italy and their loss

Giorgio Chiellini has confessed that the Italian team is not at their best yet and the new coach has used most players from Juventus in the starting line-up in the match with Ivory Coast which the team lost 1-0.

The Italian defender wanted to overcome the World Cup’s bad run which also went very bad for other players in the team and were expecting to start the game with a win. He said, i was not satisfied by losing the game which we expected to win, the loss has disappointed the team again. The player’s are not in good shape as many of them have just started practicing from past 10days and we are very eager to win matches in the future.

Chiellini was questioned about including many players from Juventus to the team. But the player said Juventus has appointed many players from home who are very much talented so obviously we have more players from the club.

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