Jose Mourinho plans a £10 Million bid for Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba may get an offer of £10 Million from Real Madrid as Jose Mourinho plans a daring bid to get the player from Chelsea. The Real Madrid coach who returned to the club last week to get Ricardo Carvalho for a deal of £6.7 million expects to get the striker from Ivory Coast.

But Chelsea is not interested to discuss about sending the striker from the team and will do anything to keep the player in their side just what they did in Ashley Cole matter this summer. Drogba has been performing very well since he joined Chelsea and has won three FA Cups and three Premier League titles.

The player has had a close relationship with Mourinho when they were together at Stamford Bridge and may have an interest to join Real Madrid. Mourinho expects chances of getting the Ivorian captain from Chelsea are more and £10 million bid will be enough to do that.

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