Neymar under pressure and worried about his future

The young player from the Brazilian side Neymar is under confusion as he said that he expects to join Chelsea. Chelsea has been behind the player the entire summer but the player confusingly said Neymar is from Santos when asked about his move to Stamford Bridge.

The Santos are determined to keep the player until he is sold out as Luis Alvaro warned about reporting the Premier League club to FIFA as there is a continuous chase for the player. He also said this is completely unacceptable and the team will defend the player in any circumstances.

The controversies have started to build around the player which he himself knows and wants to keep out of it. The player was questioned about his position in the club for which he responded saying ‘Neymar is from Santos. Are you deaf?’ but later the player said he doesn’t have any idea if he is going to stay or leave.

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