Where will Pastore go?

President of Palermo, Maurizio Zamparini, told the press that Javier Pastore will soon be player of some other club. Major interest has been shown from Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain, while there were some romours that Inter is also interested in 22-years-old midfielder.

Salvatore Sirigu (Palermo, goalkeeper, 24) also joined PSG. Earlier, it has been mentioned that the price is 45 million euros.

Zamparini: “I will speak more after the deal is done, but I can say that it’s just matter of time he’ll be player of some other club. I must say that both London and Paris are great cities.”

3 thoughts on “Where will Pastore go?”

  1. is good to have a good player, at time some player don’t want to move from a place to another.

  2. pastore coming to chelsea should have being a great opportunity for him, because chelsea is one of the biggest club.

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