Arsene: Cesc is not our player, not anymore

Arsene Wenger, current coach of Arsenal FC, doesn’t count at all on Cesc Fabregas in this season. He already found solution in Juan Mata, who should be joining Gunners for €20m from Valencia.

He’s not called for Emirates cup friendly tournament, with Arsene telling journalists:

“He must sort out things with Barcelona’s people, because, I can’t work with a player who is mad at me because he want to leave the club. I can’t work with a player who is unprofessional on training and on the pitch.”

Who will Mata replace, him or Nasri, it’s just matter of time to find out.

4 thoughts on “Arsene: Cesc is not our player, not anymore”

  1. Arsen you are not a fit to be a football coach and Cesc Fabregas is the best.Am i right?:-P

  2. Cesc faregas is one of the most important player of barcelona and spain

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