Wenger revives interest in Lyon goalkeeper

Arsene Wenger could be tempted to sign Hugo Lloris this summer after the French international has spoken of his desire to leave Olympique Lyon if a top European club comes calling.

Wenger has been an admirer of the Lyon custodian and even considered signing him a season back to solve the goalkeeping problems Arsenal had at the time.

Reports have emerged saying that Arsenal’s boss might consider bringing the highly rated French goalkeeper to the Emirates as a tough back-up for Szczesny. If the French goalkeeper will be brought to the club, the Pole will certainly face a much tougher competition from him than he did from his co-national Lukas Fabianski.

Fabianski grew frustrated with the lack of chances he had at the club and is expected to depart from Arsenal as soon as the EURO is over, having wanted to do so in the winter as well.

Lloris is presently off to participate in the Euros and his club chairman reveals that he would let him go if a good offer is made.

“I met him before he left for the French team. He told me if there is a proposition from a great European club, he could be tempted to go,” Aulas explained.

“However, I don’t think there is such an offer so far. The big European sides all have quality keepers.”

This will surely not come as good news for Szczesny, but if Lloris will join Arsenal the amazing thing is that whoever will play in the first team will always be kept on his toes by the competition.

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