Hulk wants Chelsea move

Hulk has his heart set on a move to Chelsea but the Blues may be robbed of the Porto winger as PSG prepare a £43m bid this summer.

Roman Abramovich decided to let go of Chelsea’s top goal scorer Didier Drogba this summer after his contract expired as he tries to build his team around Fernando Torres. Chelsea have been one of the most active clubs yet in the transfer market as they attempt to rebuild their side and their Russian owner has identified Hulk as the perfect replacement for the 34 year old Drogba. Talks between the two clubs have come to a standstill with Porto refusing to budge from their initial evaluation of the player at £38m.

The 25-year-old said: ‘Chelsea are the current European champions and would please any player and I’m no exception. I’d be happy if the transfer happened.

‘I leave everything in the hands of Porto. I am under contract and I have been happy at Porto for four years, where I have achieved everything.

‘I’ll have the club in my heart no matter what happens this summer or in any other summer.’

Chelsea are willing to pay up to £30m for the Brazilian star but with a complicated multiple ownership issue, Porto are adamant about the player’s price. PSG are planning a huge bid for Hulk and the Blues could risk losing him to the Ligue 1 side if they don’t act fast.

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