Has The RVP Saga Affected Arsenal?

Arsenal’s manger Arsene Wenger has made it clear that Arsenal’s preparations for the upcoming season will not be disrupted due to their captain Robin van Persie’s long protracted transfer saga.

Arsenal are no strangers to long drawn transfer sagas, as their former skipper Cesc Fabregas sealed his move back to Barcelona after being linked to a return for three consecutive summers. The sale of Fabregas, along with Samir Nasri’s forced move to Manchester City cost Arsenal dearly in the early stages of the season last term, as they got off to the worst possible start.

Keeping that in mind, along with van Persie’s transfer saga, Wenger is keen to not let that happen again as he told Arsenal.com, “Robin was an exceptional leader last year, but we know how much we had to fight to come third because we missed out the start of the season. After seven games we had lost four and we have learned that for us it is vital for us to focus on the start of the season rather than on any transfers.

“If the transfers happen, they happen. As long as you are at the club you give your best for the club and that is the only pride you can have as a football player and as a manager.

“As long as you are somewhere you give your best every day for that club. If it changes, it changes. I am convinced that Robin is like that, he is completely focused every day on his job. He loves football, he loves the game and as long as he is here he will do that.”

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