Coloccini letter to San Lorenzo was misinterpreted, says Pardew

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew believes Fabricio Coloccini’s open letter to San Lorenzo fans has been misinterpreted.

The 31-year-old wrote the letter to the Argentine side, which appeared on the team’s Facebook page, thanking fans and club chiefs for their attempts to sign him this month.

The Newcastle United captain cited personal reasons as the cause for his desire to return to Argentina, and admitted he was “disappointed” with the decision to refuse him a move.

“When you interpret one language from another, while the words can look the same, the interpretation can be slightly different and I think the interpretation of that was slightly lost, if I’m honest,” Pardew said.

“It’s his home-town club, of course, and he’s got friends and family there, and I think he just wanted to say, ‘Thanks for your offer of help if I needed it’.

“Unfortunately for them, it hasn’t happened; fortunately for us, he remains our captain and committed to the cause, make no mistake about that.”