Redknapp: Bosingwa had disgraceful attitude

The English coach has once again attacked the Portuguese for refusing to take his seat on the bench for a game against Fulham in December of last year

QPR boss Harry Redknapp has accused Jose Bosingwa of having a “disgraceful” attitude during his time at Loftus Road.

The English coach publicly slated the Portuguese in December of last year for refusing to sit on the bench for a Premier League clash with Fulham and he has revisited the incident in his autobiography, which is being serialised in The Daily Mail.

“Rangers had players like Jose Bosingwa, who just six months earlier had won the Champions League final with Chelsea, but he wasn’t going to give his all,” Redknapp writes.

“I found out the extent of the problem after we beat Fulham and Bosingwa refused to sit on the bench. I’d had problem players in the past but I thought his attitude was disgraceful.

“I fined him two weeks’ wages – and that was when I got the shock of my life when I found out how much he was on. Bosingwa’s salary was ridiculous.

“What they (the owners) had was a squad full of very average footballers earning more money than they deserved. It made them very arrogant and contemptuous.

“They would rather come in late every day and just pay the fine than behave in a professional manner. Getting them in was daily aggravation.

“There were players who were late three, sometimes four times each week – and the most we ever trained was five days. There was always an excuse.”

Redknapp was also left bitterly frustrated by the behaviour of Adel Taarabt, who has now been sent out on loan to Fulham.

“I spent all summer trying to remedy our problems, shifting certain players out, getting others with the right attitude in,” Redknapp explains.

“The close-season was a frustrating time for me as I spent most of it on crutches following a knee operation. With perfect timing, Adel Taarabt promptly got up to his old tricks.

“He turned up late for our training camp in Devon so we sent him home. There were the usual excuses (from Adel) but we’re not standing for it any more. There has to be a different attitude if Rangers are to return to the Premier League.

“I know some of these players think they are better than this division but I’ve been down there and I know there are teams and players that will eat you alive if you are not fully committed.

“My priority was to get rid of the troublemakers. Get rid of them before they got rid of us.”