Wenger deserves to win the Champions League, says Pardew

The 52-year-old says the Frenchman deserves to win the trophy for his impressive career in north London, and insists every club can learn from the Gunners’ approach

Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew believes Arsene Wenger deserves to win the Champions League this season.

The Magpies host the Gunners at St James’ Park on Sunday and the 52-year-old claims English football owes a debt to the Frenchman for highlighting the wealth of options in the overseas transfer market.

“I’m very ­disappointed that I don’t have more British players in my squad. I do want more but I can’t argue with my French contingent because they’ve been absolutely ­brilliant,” Pardew told reporters.

“Football is a world market and maybe Arsene Wenger saw that before other managers or chairmen. In that respect, we owe him a debt.

“I think clubs can learn from Arsenal. What a job Arsene has done. No-one can ever take away from him what he has achieved, especially that ‘Invincibles’ season.

“I really hope he wins the Champions League this season. I think he deserves it for the career he’s had.”

Pardew joined Newcastle in 2010 and is the second longest-serving manager currently working in the Premier League, behind Wenger.

The former West Ham boss, who works alongside Joe Kinnear at St James’ Park, admitted that he is concerned managers at other Premier League clubs have their roles diluted by the presence of directors of football and other decision makers.

“I think longevity is ­important, I really do,” the Englishman continued.

“There is a lot of decision-making for managers these days and only an experienced manager can make those calls.

“But a lot of decisions are being taken away from us, not particularly at Newcastle but at other clubs.

“It’s hard to get longevity too because there’s not that loyalty. The game needs to look at that.”