Song back in Barcelona training after son's illness

The Cameroon midfielder has been at the hospital bedside of his child over the past week, before returning to Catalunya this week

Alex Song has elaborated on why he has been absent from Barcelona training – not because of an imminent move away but because of his seriously ill child.

The Cameroon international is back training with Luis Enrique’s side after a week’s absence, in which rumours surfaced that he could be set for a return to the Premier League after he was pictured at an airport despite Barca claiming his absence was family-related.

And the defensive midfielder broke his silence by expressing relief that his unnamed son has survived a health scare, with the 26-year-old now set to return to training.

“That moment when you realise you’ve taken life for granted,” the former Arsenal star wrote on his official Instagram page. “That moment when you realise everything can change in one second.

“Then you start praying, begging God to transfer the disease to you instead of your little one. And at the same time you shamefully realise you only pray when things are bad.

“My baby has been through hell these days but I thank God he’s out of danger now. I thank God for allowing my baby to still be among us.

“I thank all the doctors and nurses for their dedication and commitment. I know I’ve been a pain in the ass chasing you guys in the corridors days and nights, but I can’t thank you enough for your patience towards me and my millions of questions.

“Welcome back my strong little man. My love for you is bigger than the sky.”