Manchester City won't sell Aguero, says Pellegrini

The Argentine striker is set to make his 100th Premier League appearance for the champions against Southampton and his boss expects him make many more

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will not be sold, insists manager Manuel Pellegrini.

The 26-year-old scored a dramatic hat-trick against Bayern Munich to seal victory in midweek, leading Frank Lampard to compare him to Primera Division giants Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Yet, as Aguero looks to continue his form when making his 100th top-flight appearance against Southampton on Sunday, Pellegrini is adamant that he will not be sold before his contract ends.

“At this moment Sergio doesn’t want to go and we don’t want to sell him,” he told reporters.

“City is not a club that sells its players. It is a club that wants to buy good players as we want to improve every year.

“Sergio is very happy here and has five or six more years on his contract. I don’t think he will move but you never know in the future.”

Pellegrini, who had attempted to take the striker to La Liga in 2006 when in charge of Villarreal, feels that Aguero is young enough to still improve and believes that City are yet to see the best of him.

He continued: “From the beginning everyone saw he would be a very good player. It was not normal seeing a player so young playing so well.

“He started to make a difference for Independiente, then for Atletico Madrid and he came here to England and continued doing it.

“For me, the most important thing Sergio did so far in his career was when he scored the goals to give this club the title but the important thing is that Sergio has a future where we will see a better Sergio Aguero than we have seen before.

“He is growing and maybe at 22 or 23 you are too young to decide the correct things at a lot of moments in the game but, in every game, he is growing, he will have more edge. He is very strong and has at least five more years where he is at his top performance.”