Real Madrid perfect for Pogba – Desailly

The Frenchman believes his compatriot could stay at Juventus but would become even better at the Santiago Bernabeu

France legend Marcel Desailly believes that Real Madrid would be the perfect club for Juventus star Paul Pogba.

The former Manchester United midfielder has become one of Europe’s most coveted stars during his time in Turin, with Madrid, Barcelona and a host of Premier League clubs linked with his signature.

The 46-year-old feels that should Pogba decide to leave his current club, a move to Manchester City would be solely motivated by money, whereas a switch to the Santiago Bernabeu would be driven by the desire to become the best he can be.

“I think either he stays, because he has three more years with Juventus, they’re in the final of the Champions League, they won Serie A,” Desailly told Perform.

“Why would he want to move from there? Unless a crazy club comes in and puts big money on.

“City, I think, would be just for the money. Real Madrid would be for the prestige.

“Madrid is probably the best club for him, where the philosophy of the game is to play forward. If they play three in midfield – Isco, Toni Kroos and even Luka Modric – if he comes, Madrid could be tactically the best team for him to express himself. He would be an amazing player.

“The only problem he would have is, he likes to go forward, but on the left side you have Cristiano Ronaldo. If the new coach of Madrid comes and Gareth Bale plays on the left and you have Cristiano Ronaldo up front, then you have a bit of a problem [for Pogba] on that side where he likes to express himself most of the time.

“But if he leaves Juventus, Madrid is the best club for him. If you leave Juventus – I know Serie A is not the best league but it is a prestigious club – he needs to go to Real Madrid.”